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Certified Trader : Advance Program For Professional Traders

Shares market do not differentiate between rich or poor. Both incur same losses if trading without analysis and risk management.

 learn share market for trading your self

Now days volatility is extremely high on stock or commodity exchanges (NSE | MCX). FIIs and DIIs have high control over price moves, markets are driven by global factors. So, You need to learn proper market analysis before  investing in any market.

An analyst creates report or gives you only advices, where as a trader takes the risk of trading in the market. So, In this case it becomes extremely important for a trader/investor to learn share market and every risk /reward associated with it.

What to learn in share market ?

We’ve specially designed self-investment programs for traders and investors. They can learn share trading keeping in mind  their needs, psychology and investment. Topics, you need to learn in share market are Basics of share market, Live Trading, Fundamental Analysis, Equity Valuation, Risk Management, Derivatives, Price Forecasting, Money Management and Behavioral Finance and even more.

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Classromm48 Day Class Room Training
150 Hours of training by industry experts and quality faculties
booksComprehensive Study materials
Including Books, PPTs, Notes, Handouts, Videos
Live tradingLive market trading
Learn to trade in live market with our funds
revision classesFree Revision Classes for 1 year
Become expert in trading with Free revision classes
facultyHighly experienced faculties
Analysts and veteran Traders from top MNCs come to train you
Doubts sessionsLive market Doubt Sessions
Get your doubts solved by our experts while you trade after the course

Certified Trader: Program Overview

  • As a matter of fact more than 90% retail investors* lose their money in stock market.
    But just imagine how much those 10% traders are making money from 90% losers.
    We faces losses due to several reason:
    • Trust brokers who are only concerned about their brokerages
    • Trading on tips without any knowledge
    • No control over emotions
    • 0% Knowledge on market behavior and Analysis

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  • • Indian and Global Markets - All these are correlated
    • How FIIs, DIIs and Bulk buying works and affects stock, commodity and forex market
    • Live Trading in Stock
    • Live Trading in Commodity
    • Live Trading in Forex
    • Future and Options
    • Option Strategies and Greeks
    • Equity Research
    • Industry Analysis
    • Economic Analysis
    • Fundamental Analysis and Equity valuation
    • Risk management
    • Emotional control& Money management
    • Technical Analysis
    • And need to practice more and more.... before you start making 100% a month

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    • 200 hours of Class room session
    • 40 hours of Video lectures
    • Printed books
    • Lecture Review PPTs
    • Practice Questions
    • Free Live Trading and Trading account
    • Support till 1 year
    • Duration: 4 Months
    • Course Fee:
      • INR 30,000
      • USD 600

    Contact Us for New Batch Basic Course INR 9,000 / USD 180

  • • We have highly experienced equity and commodity analyst working with Top MNCs
    • Highly experienced traders and strategist
    • We've done international tie-ups for your training.
    • To more your can see About us page in our websites

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