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Noting can give you better returns than Forex Market.

Forex is a 24hrs market, with a whooping 5 trillion turnover bigger than any stock or commodity market. This gives you a great opportunity to trade in International FX market.

The Forex Trader – Pro program is specially designed course for professional traders who dream big and have the courage to exploit every opportunity available in the market. Our forex trading course starts with very basic understanding of forex market but very soon you’ll jump to amazing strategies which  you’ll never get to learn on YouTube or Internet. Strategies We Create !

Unlikely other Forex Trading course which focuses only on Technical Analysis. This program expose strategies used by Big Hedge Funds not just Technical Indicators but quantitative analysis also. You learn to understand world economic changes and use those data for trading as a pro.

If using excessive Technical Chart you can create your own trading system, sell your strategies to other FX-Traders.

It’s a 100% practical program in Open LIVE Market!
Join us sitting home in LIVE Virtual Class !
or Come and Join Here at Institute!
Earn while you learn!

How You Will Learn!

Classromm10 Days Class Room / Online Training
40 Hours of training by industry experts and quality faculties
booksComprehensive Study materials
Including Books, PPTs, Notes, Handouts, Videos
Live tradingAll Live Trading
100% Training in Live Market
facultyHighly Experienced Trainers
Learn from Traders - Who know how to make money!
Doubts sessionsLive market Doubt Sessions
Get your doubts solved by our experts while you trade after the course

What You Will Learn!

Currency Trading

Understand currency trading in global market. Choose the right currency to trade.

Overcome Emotions

Learn to powerful techniques and practice for emotional control. Learn to manage money, earn constantly.

Trading Plan & Strategy

Create your own trading style and plan. Implement them in real-time trades.

Technical Analysis

Learn to trade & forecast in Live market. Explore your potential to the maximum.

Global Fundamentals

Understand trading on Global News. Just don't be a chartists!

Risk Management

Learn Advance techniques to limit your risk to profit more.

Forex Trader - Pro

  • Start from scratch!
    All you learn is live!
    Practice with us!
    Trouble shoot with us!
    Develop Your style with us!
    Get 20 trading tips from us during training. Make only profit on tips, losses are all ours!
  • • 10 Days rigorous training in Live market.
    • Start with scratch
    • Basics First - Foundation
    • Understand Fx Market and Market makers
    • Learn live Technical analysis
    • Create your own trading style
    • Learn to manage Risk
    • Learn strategies
    • Create your own strategies
    • Capture Big moves in various Timezones
    • Expertise a currency
    • Learn to control your emotions
    • Master Your Mind
    • Learn to quantitative analysis
    • Currency Correlation
    • Economic Data Analysis
    • Learn to trade data
    • Money Management Skills
    • Scalping techniques
    • Swing Trading system
    • Creating your own trading system
  • • 5 day Live Market Classes
    • 5 day Live Market Practice Classes
    • 55 hours
    • Weekday batch
    • Can Learn Online
    • Can join Classroom program
    • Earn while you learn
  • • Call us to know about latest batch
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